Never Too Late

Even though it was yesterday it’s never too late to say “Thank you to those who have served, and have sacrificed; Happy Memorial Day”



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I …

At Ease

When I see this image or similar images of this structure it’s kind of relaxing. I’m not sure why but it I feel at ease. It really is a simple image maybe it’s the symmetry of it all.




It has been raining a lot lately, and I am just reminded of how calm and peaceful the rain can be. Also I love what comes after the rain, birds chirping and mother nature during spring.


For some reason …


I love how something so busy and full of movement can be so peaceful and calm.





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First let start by saying all of these pictures are iPhone image. (I’m working on my iphoneography, so please be forgiving)    The reason I posted these images was to show basic appreciation of nature and  its beauty.  Sometimes even though …

Camp Creek State Park

I took this image of Campbell Falls in Camp Creek State Park W. Virginia, while I was in a workshop with Randall Sanger.


Camp Creek State Park

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Folly Beach

This is a super silhouette of the pier at Folly Beach. Can I use Super to describe this silhouette? Side note “Super Silhouette is a car.


Folly Beach

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Edisto Beach

This is a leftover image from South Carolina Edisto Beach area, before sunset; relaxing place.



Edisto Beach

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15 Days Of Rain

I thought this image would be fitting for our current weather situation. If you are not aware here in Maryland we have had a streak of 15 consecutive days of rain, it may be 16 now. This image was taken …