A D.C. Sunrise

I will give you guys a break from the fall foliage images this week. You probably have seen so many by now. Mother Nature is a beauty isn’t it? So I thought we could go back to our regular programming, “a D.C. Sunrise”. I can honestly say that no two sunrises are alike; well at least the ones I have seen.

I was debating on sharing this image. Every time I look at this image I feel there is something not quite right. I’m not known for obsessive-compulsive disorder, but there is just something about this image that I can’t put my finger on.

After some time of studying this image and asking other their opinion, I figured it out. Well at least I think I did. It’s just an image, there is nothing to draw your eyes to the subject. When you look at it you know what the subject is but it nothing in the image that pulls you into the subject.

What do you think?


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