A Tale Of Epic Failure

Ok maybe this story isn’t as bad as the title suggest. So some good news to start. I have a second camera body now. I finally bought the Canon 5D Mark 4. This is a pretty good update for me. Until this moment my main body and work horse was  my Canon 5D Mark 2.(Which will continue to be part of the family)

Any how, I thought I would put the new camera to the test. So me and a friend set off to Shenandoah National park for sun, waterfalls and nature. Needless to say this may have been my hardest hike to date. (I know Im going to feel this in the morning) For all the waterfalls I have been to in Shenandoah park, there is always a hike, but its normally worth it. Depending on the waterfall it could be pretty difficult depending on your physical level.

Haha; Well let me tell you my physical level was not ready for this six and half mile hike. And the part that was a bummer is when we got to the falls it wasn’t really that great of a water flow. I was disappointed, but more so because getting to the falls was down hill, now we have to go back “UP-HILL”; and I didn’t walk away with any images except for the one I’m sharing now.


Have you ever pushed yourself to achieve/obtain something great, but it didn’t work out? Whats your story?


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