Drone Down

We have a drone down! I am now a casualty of drones going down while in action. Below is a video of the last few seconds I was able to recover from the GoPro file. As you can sort of see it did land in the water. The Phantom 2 and the GoPro where in the water for about 10 minutes before I could get to it. So how did it happen; I lost control of the drone, my remote was no longer in control. I will take complete blame for this one and not blame DJI. I might have been in a GPS locked area(might have been!). The one thing I will fault DJI on is the “Return Home” feature.  This was totally off. It landed more than 25 FT. away. The return home did work, just not as it should have. I know it won’t land exactly where it took off, but in some locations 25 Feet can be a bad location(as you see here).  I guess a good takeaways from this is that, if you can you want to give yourself at least 30 feet of clearance on both sides, or either a flat terrain so you can run and retrieve it before it lands.



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