When to make an Image Black and White

First I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Since I showed pictures from DC this week I thought I would stick with that. If you follow me regularly you know I am still learning and growing as a photographer, and one of those things is when to make an image black and white(B&W). Well in this particular case I did it to save this image; the color was not appealing to the eye. So why go black and white:

  • To take away from distractions(The color in this image was flat and just no pleasing to the eye)
  •  Give it a different feeling(when I look at this image in B&W it totally changes the feel of the image, almost like a moment frozen in time)
  • Give the image what’s lacking(In B&W this image also pops out more, with all three of DC’s iconic landmarks.)
  • These are some reasons for me, so that doesn’t mean they are the only reasons to make an image B&W; thats just no true. This are always open to personal option.