Not Prepared For The Unexpected

When I normally go to DC, I check things the night before or the morning of so I wont be surprised of any road closings, crowds, or just bad weather.

Well on this morning I didn’t do any of that, I just hopped in the car and drove off. Needless to say when I got to DC the roads were closed and there was a huge crowd for the Navy – Air Force Half Marathon. So I did what anyone would do, I adapted to the changes. My back-up location if for some reason I can’t get where I want to be in DC is to go to Virginia. There is a great overlook across from the Marine Corps War Memorial that hasn’t failed me.

But yet again because I didn’t look into things I was stopped with a surprise. Apparently the park is closed because the statue is being maintained. Well once again I had to adapt to the changes.

At this point I was thinking about just going back home, and cutting my losses.  While I was driving I saw fog coming in. (For me this is awesome beyond belief) I have never been able to be in DC when there is fog. For me this is a purple striped unicorn.(Non-Existent) The many time I have visited DC I have never experienced fog. I can only think of 3 time in the past 2 years that is has been super foggy in DC.

Anyhow, because I wasn’t prepared I had to find a new location to shoot from, and on top of that I didn’t have my long lens. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I tried one last place I knew in VA across the water from DC. Luckily it worked out great. But by the time I had gotten to the location to shoot the fog had rolled in full effect. You couldn’t see any of the monument from where I was, it was a complete white out. So I decided to wait, and about an hour later the fog started to lift and I was able to get this image.

With my long lens out of commission I had to use the wide-angle lens. I would have loved to have gotten in closer, but this to me is a winner. Its better than nothing, I was able to shoot Fog in DC for my first time and there is even a story behind how I got the image. So it’s a win-win, all around.


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