Recovering GoPro footage

When my Phantom 2, and GoPro 4 hit the water, I didn’t know what to think. As I was going to recover it, I was then thinking I hope the footage is still intact. Lucky for me the file was on the memory card but it was corrupted. “Ok time to search google”(Google is my friend) for the answer on how to recover corrupted GoPro footage. I found several options for recovering GoPro footage and I will share 3 with you here. Option 3 was the one that worked for me with a caveat.


Option 1)

If you are able to still use your GoPro and it says SOS, or SD Card error you might able to recover the footage by just placing the card back into the GoPro. This is the simplest way to fix it.

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Option 2)

You will need to use terminal(Apple) or Command Prompt(Windows) for this one. First you want to make a folder on your desktop(somewhere the path to the file is easy to find). Then you will also need to download a zip. command file; unzip the file and place it in the same folder. After this is done you want to open “Terminal” or Command Prompt. when it is open you want to type cd then hit the spacebar and drag the folder with the corrupted video and command file into the terminal/prompt. Then hit enter, this will open the path to the folder. Then you will need to type the following “perl GOPR4229.MP4 -reso r5″ Where I have put GOPR4229.MP4 is where you want to put your file name. when you hit enter it will start to re-write the file. There is more information in the source material.

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Option 3)

Download “Grau GmbH” They even let you repair 50% of your video to see if it works. Even though the video was repaired I had to use VLC to “convert/stream” the video to an m4v.  file for final cut or adobe premiere to recognize it.

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