Shooting The Same Subject

How can I shoot the same subject over and over and not get tired of it or fall into a rut.

Well that question could be further from the truth. I often get board of shooting the same thing weekend after weekend. There have been times when I’m shooting and I put no effort in the photo, leaving with an undesirable but OK product. No one wants to see those let alone myself.

When I reach this point are feel it coming on thats when I need to make a change. Even though you’re shooting the same subject there are plenty of things that can change your outlook.

  • Look for a different way to shoot the subject. (get closer or further,  Get low, take detailed shots not showing the entire subject; build the mystery)
  • Shoot at different times (Blue Hour, Sunrise, Sunset, in the middle of the day for that journalistic shot)
  • Experiment within Camera (Long exposure, Multiple shots to blend together later, Timelapse, shoot)

The point is look at your subject with new eyes every time. Try something different, experiment and improve your skills. Don’t let one subject stop your growth.


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