The Joys Of Media Backup

I have never had/seen so many folders! For one project or one day I could have a minimum of 10 folders. If I had long hair I would have lost maybe 5 fistful today.

Backing up to the point where its perfect and flawless is impossible, well at least at the moment it seems so. Every time I get everything the way I want it I find a way in my workflow that doesn’t work. I have no problem changing my workflow, but it has to make sense. Im not going to change it for something that can be done another way. Ideally I would like to keep my work flow similar to what is now.

One of the issues I had for instance is Adobe Lightroom does not let you open a catalog from a network volume. WHY!! So now I have to change my work flow to accommodate Adobe. It’s funny because I though I was literally paying Adobe to accommodate and improve my workflow.

That’s only one of the issues I have run across. I know when I finally get everything set up and working, I will praise it, but right now its my least favorite thing.

In an ideal world, I would like to access my catalog from anywhere, add to the catalog, organize images, et. It would also be nice if I was traveling, then I could not only add to the current catalog but also backup.

I will figure this out, I may have so bold spot before it’s over but I’ll conquer this thing.


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3 Replies to “The Joys Of Media Backup”

    1. I’ll give it a try. I was thinking of keep a back up drive with me with the catalog on it, and always back up the drive. But Dropbox sounds like a good option. Thanks

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