What A Rush

This was the last shot of the day in an adventure filled day of waterfalls. You can’t really tell here but this was shot on the cusp of blue hour, and the light was fading fast. So I bumped up my ISO and got to work.  Out of all the falls visited that day I think this may have been the slipperiest, or I may have just been in a rush.

This fun-filled adventure was due to Randall Sanger and his one day workshop in southwest Virginia. Who better to learn from and spend the day with the person who lliterally wrote the book on West Virginia and Virginia Waterfalls; and some how I am lucky enough to call him a friend.


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One Reply to “What A Rush”

  1. Nice on, Kaliafeh!
    Wish I could have been along for this also. Glad you got to spend time with the waterfall guru. He’s awesome! Maybe I’ll get to shoot with you sometime this year. Take care, my friend!

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