When Everything Goes Wrong

What do you do when everything goes wrong? You look for a better composition and keep shooting. Well at least that’s what I did to walk away with this beautiful image.

As a photographer I look to improve past images, because I am constantly growing and I only want one perfect image of the location I am shooting. In this particular instance I was on that mission to improve upon an image I took last year around this time. (You can see that here)

One of the first things that went wrong is the fountain was off again, which is not a big deal. Then the second thing that went wrong is he leaves haven’t really changed colors. They were still mostly green. Well already my current mission to improve on a past shot is gone. The conditions for that composition were no better than my last shot and the colorful leaves were not there.

So now what do I do? (Keep Moving Forward) So since I would not be able to improve my current shot I decided to make a new one.

When I found a new composition and got set up, this is when my last challenge arises and something went wrong again. I had the wrong mount on camera because I grabbed an older tripod. All of this is happening as the clouds are about to hit peak color. Luckily I carry a spare plate in my camera bag and was able to switch t out in time.

So with all that being said, what will you do when something goes wrong? Hope you enjoy the image.



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