Why I Blog

I was asked recently on more than one occasion, “Why do you blog, are you building awareness?” My blogging is purely selfish. Even though at the time I didn’t say that. The reason I started a blog was to motivate myself to shot more. Whether is good or bad images, at least I was out there and shooting. The Blog was a way to enforce that. If I show a new picture in every blog I would eventually run out of pictures and I would have to go create new ones. So you see it’s all a circle of motivation. GO SHOT = BLOGGING NEW IMAGES; If I run out of new images I have to GO SHOT!! So with that said, even though it started as a selfish endeavor, I have gotten a lot of feedback, some bad but mostly all good. I have spoken and met people I have inspired or motivated in some form or fashion; and I think that is just awesome. I never thought in a million year things like that would happen; and to be honest that just motivates me more.

As for bringing awareness, that was not my intention. Washington DC is less than 20 minutes from my house, and 15 minutes from where I work. So it just made since. There are far more skilled photographers that capture DC in such an awesome way. One off the top of my head is Angela Pan If you have a second go and check out some of her work.



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